Man wearing a leather jacket standing on a race track beside a MINI John Cooper Works.



Jump in. Buckle up. Brace yourself for an exciting ride. Sure you're ready? You're in prime position. Your pulse is racing. Everything feels quicker – already. And you're not even underway. Premium materials and track-inspired details create that exclusive race car feeling. Our love for the track lives on. MINI John Cooper Works is in a league of its own.
Man stands for in front of the JCW.
One lap's all you need.
Close to the asphalt, grit and grease, you might feel the legendary John Cooper sitting next to you. The engineer and racing driver who lived and breathed motorsport – and whose legacy lives on today in every MINI John Cooper Works model.  You can't let him down. There's no turning back. You flip the ignition. This is your moment. You put foot to throttle and feel the punch. The unruly roar of the engine takes you by surprise. It's breathtaking. This is driving passion on a whole new level. Welcome to the go-kart feeling taken to the extreme.
MINI John Cooper Works on the racing track with the classic 1962 Mini Cooper S in hot pursuit.

Charlie Cooper follows in his grandfather’s footsteps and becomes a race driver.

John Cooper’s ground-breaking Mini Cooper in ’61 paved the way for the racing machines we know as MINI John Cooper Works. Times have changed since the first Mini Cooper was built, but John Cooper’s grandson, Charlie Cooper shows us that some things stay the same. Charlie shows off his driving abilities at the MINI Challenge in the UK and Italy. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Charlie proves that racing is still very much ingrained in the Cooper family's DNA.

Powerful presence. Commanding performance.

The tyres grip the surface. They screech as you devour the corners. You feel every twist and swerve you make. Your heart jumps with excitement. But you're more than capable of handling it. It's the drive of a lifetime. You go round for more. And more.

Headstrong and competitive, performance is everything. It might have been built for the road – but it was born for the track. It gives you power, precision and stability, especially on the bends. MINI John Cooper Works makes driving thrilling again.


MINI John Cooper Works at home on the racing track.


Born on the track, MINI John Cooper Works is ready to dial up the volume.