Photographer standing at the edge of a lake capturing breathtaking mountainscape.


Stories start where roads end.

The road is yours. Pack your bags and head out to somewhere new. Grab your friends and familiy and venture out. From the high streets to the highlands you gain new perspectives with every turn. Wherever you go, the road is yours. Engage your adventurous side and your pioneering spirit. Simply live life to the fullest.
MINI Countryman parked in foreground – couple with surfboard walking towards the water.
Seize the seas, ride the surf.
Photographer standing among rocks with breathtaking mountainscape in the background.
One woman and two men standing at the edge of a lake admiring the mountainscape in the background.
Embrace the great outdoors. If you have a flexible go-anywhere attitude, then this is the vehicle to take you there. So undergo a spontaneous transformation from active urbanite to intrepid explorer. Leave the familiar city behind and go beyond its limits. You don't need to completely wander off the map to see things you've never seen before. What are you waiting for?

You have the freedom to roam. The journey’s the reward. Capture the spirit and make it yours.

A whole new outlook. Are you ready for new adventures, no matter how small? Take an inspiring journey in the MINI Countryman – accompanied just by the rhythm of the rain. With ruggedness for every road, space for every escape, it accommodates every one of your journeys. Seize the seas, ride the surf or negotiate some rough terrain. You never know what’s around the corner. Be open to new perspectives and forge new ground. That’s what the MINI Countryman stands for.
MINI Countryman taking on a mountain road.


Engage your adventurous side and embrace life to the full.