Woman sitting on quality light brown leather chair – sunglasses lying next to her.


A Connoisseur's Guide to the Art of Driving in Style.

You create your own chances and take them all in your confident stride. Capable of commanding any situation, you live up to the moment. Following your instincts, you enjoy making refined choices.
Man wearing an apron is carrying a wooden vegetable crate containing asparagus, aubergine, gazpacho, croissants and assorted condiments.
A sophisticated journey where form meets function.
Woman sitting next to leather stool taking shoe box out of a shopping bag.
Man and woman enjoying a conversation, sitting outside an art gallery. Bonnet of MINI Clubman is in the foreground.
Let understatement be your secret weapon. Superb craftsmanship and smart accents make the world take notice. Quality materials, subtle colours and timeless, classic designs remain as fresh and relevant today as they were yesterday.

Effortless elegance.

The discerning MINI Clubman knows the value of a first impression. Refined and distinguished, it epitomises style and performance. It unites urbane charisma with precision and practicality, embodying the spirit of cultured driving. Let the MINI Clubman take you on a sophisticated journey where form meets function.


Discover the lost art of driving in style and the joy of refined motoring.