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The Summer of Big Love

The Summer of Big Love.

Being MINI is a big responsibility. In the 21st century every brand — especially a mobility brand — must address contemporary issues at every level of its activities. Luckily, meeting challenges is in our DNA. We've been doing it since the release of the very first Mini in 1959. And today, our optimistic attitude to life has crystalized into two simple words: BIG LOVE.

Big Love is the self-assured mindset that makes us open to the unconventional, the disruptive, and the atypical. We’re marching forward, and facing up to the issues that are most important for our planet and everyone who inhabits it. We want to make a positive contribution and shape how future cities will look, with diverse and vibrant communities.

We’re focusing on sustainability — more critical than ever before — from our cars’ design, to how we extract raw materials from the earth, to what we do with our automobiles after their lifecycles end. We’re committed to human beings in all their diversity, to the ideas and perspectives they bring, and to the technological progress that allows us to achieve profitable growth.
And we don’t just talk about Big Love— we live it every day, at every level.

That’s why our Head of MINI, Bernd Körber, spent his summer traveling to discover brilliant individuals with diverse and new perspectives. Only by being open and inquisitive can we put Big Love into action, and create a brighter future for us and the planet. Follow Bernd’s journey and see all the inspirational, sustainable ideas that will define what we do next.

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The willingness to rethink the status quo defines the brand.
Bernd Körber