Katarina, Uros and Paya: three adventurers and a MINI.

Photographers and an adventure couple Katarina Batuta and Uros Visekruna from Serbia are living the dream. With their Jack Russell terrier Paya on board, they travel all over the world in a MINI Countryman. It’s not only the couple that love the MINI but their dog too. Their lively four-legged friend enjoys sticking his nose out of the window to sniff the wind or sleeping in the roof tent. From Iceland to a road trip through the Dolomites and short trips all over their home country, the trio has already had many memorable adventures in the MINI. One of their trips led them to Florence to the International MINI Meeting, where Katarina told us her very own personal MINI love story.

MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4: fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7,6-7,1; CO2 emission in g/km: 172-161. All values based on the combined WLTP test cycle. Further information:

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You have cooperated with MINI for quite some time now. Why did you fall in love with the brand and the car?

That was so long ago that I can hardly remember. However, what I can say is that at that time, I watched Mr. Bean a lot, and he had a Mini, didn't he? I'm not joking! My grandmother recorded almost all the episodes and showed them to me. So, I really liked the car since I was very young - the way it looked, the whole story, and the feeling of driving a small legendary machine. There are many MINI fans in my family, and I felt a bit sad when I watched my uncle driving one while I didn't have my own...

Evidently, this dream has now come true...

Precisely. A few years later, my dream did come true – in the form of a MINI Clubman. That was my first car. A trusty travelling companion, we went on many trips together.

There are many MINI fans in my family, and I felt a bit sad when I watched my uncle driving one while I didn’t have my own…
picture with dog
Jack Russell Terrier Paya loves the MINI Countryman too. During long drives, he casually sticks out his head and lets the wind blow around his snout.

Which of these were particularly memorable? 

Definitely the one to Le Castellet in France in 2012, where we attended MINI United, an international festival for MINI fans and their vehicles. Even back then, we had already started to collaborate with MINI and were able to initiate various projects. One of these was the idea of offering people a kind of “MINI taxi for free”. We wanted to show them how wonderful it feels to drive a MINI, and to give people the opportunity to experience that special go-kart feeling for themselves.

You no longer drive a MINI Clubman. You have swapped it for a MINI Countryman. Why? 

At some point, my husband and I were travelling so much all over the world through our work that we simply needed a bigger car. One that is particularly robust and is much more comfortable. We literally drove our Countryman cross-country. A little while ago, we swapped it for an Untamed Edition MINI Countryman. We also travelled a lot of European countries with this car.

As seen on the left side, Paya was able to conquer the Countryman. Katarina chose the Untamed Edition (on the right) because it complements her character well. She greatly values being free and independent.

You have impressively documented your trips on your Instagram account. What else do you like about your current vehicle? 

Well, it’s almost funny, in a way. I really like this edition’s name: untamed, as it totally reflects my character. My horizon is wide; I love being free and independent. My partner, our dog Paya and I travel all over the world and capture the best moments with our unique photography style. We are curious, and the three of us have new adventures all the time. From a technical perspective, I appreciate the ALL4 four-wheel drive. It unlocks many options and gives us the chance to experience as much as possible, and reach unimaginable places.  

You can see impressive pictures and reels of the trio’s adventures on Instagram, where their followers can accompany Katarina, Uros and Paya on their travels with the MINI Countryman – and get some inspiration for your own next trip.

With the MINI Countryman, Katarina, Uros, and Paya travel across Europe. They have been to Iceland and the Dolomites with the vehicle. However, they also enjoy exploring their home country, Serbia.

Photos: Federico Ciamei.

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