MINI Vision – Urbanaut MINI Vision – Urbanaut


It started life as a virtual vision - a bold new interpretation of what the future of mobility could look like, inspired by urban life and created with versatility and sustainability in mind. With its innovative use of space and small footprint, the MINI Vision Urbanaut was designed to unlock new perspectives in automotive design.

Now we’ve built one as a physical model.

Join us on July 1st for the world premiere of the MINI Vision Urbanaut model at DLD Summer Conference in Munich.

You’ll watch the grand reveal and hear Bernd Körber (Head of MINI) and Oliver Heilmer (Head of MINI Design) talk to conference Co-founder Steffi Czerny about MINI’s vision for the future, what it means for vehicle design and how the MINI Vision Urbanaut came to be.

mini vision - urbanaut - gallery
MINI Vision Urbanaut

The virtual vision becomes a tangible reality.

mini vision - urbanaut - astronaut


The Greentech Festival in Berlin brought together companies and organizations who put a sustainable future at the heart of what they do.

MINI was represented at the exhibition with our digital concept of the MINI Vision Urbanaut and gave insights of the future of MINI and our idea of creative use of space.

Céline Flores Willers, LinkedIn top Voice, had an interview with Bernd Körber, Head of MINI,  about the development of the MINI Vision Urbanaut.

The character of the MINI Vision Urbanaut is characterized by a new awareness of sustainability. And that is important because, after all, the MINI Vision Urbanaut is not just a vehicle, but also a living space.
Bernd Körber
mini vision - urbanaut - interview
mini vision - urbanaut - interview
In addition, Bernd Körber, Head of MINI, was also part of the official Greentech interview sessions and the Greentech electrified-talk.


The MINI Vision Urbanaut is designed to be more than a moving vehicle – it aims to be your space, even when stationary. This is MINI’s outlook of individual mobility for the future. The Urbanaut embodies a futuristic and sustainable concept that adapts to your needs and your life. Through its versatile interior and usage scenarios that include e. g. light and sound, this vision of personal space unlocks new perspectives in automotive design.
For us at MINI, driving is not just about getting from A to B. It’s for exploring the world, gaining new experiences and impressions. Every day.

- Oliver Heilmer

MINI Vision – Urbanaut – Illustration

Due to the MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK – Germany´s largest design event – Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design, discussed on how MINI is rethinking mobility and how the MINI Vision Urbanaut is designed to expand the user´s private space into the public sphere.