The BIG LOVE from Munich Mural.

London-born artist Lakwena Maciver has made a name for herself with artworks that combine bold colours, kaleidoscopic patterns and ideas, messages and meditations distilled in a single evocative phrase. She’s passionate about making art accessible to all, which is why she’s best known for her public murals, which transform overlooked urban areas and radiate positivity to anyone who passes by.

We believe Lakwena demonstrates BIG LOVE for people and the planet through her art, making her a perfect partner for MINI. We first collaborated in 2020, when, together with volunteers from a local community group, she transformed the side of a shop in east London into a vibrant BIG LOVE mural. When it came to finding an artist to bring BIG LOVE from Munich to life, she was the first person we thought to call.

We’re thrilled that she’s returned to spread BIG LOVE once again, this time on the side of a factory tower in Sugar Mountain, our creative urban playground at IAA 2021.