The original Mini car was built in 1959 for city life: small in size, but big in statement. With MINI LIVING, we are translating our original design ethos of "creative use of space" into co-living quarters: iconic design and landmark buildings in the most exciting cities around the globe.

Over the last three years, we’ve been busy taking our big life, small footprint ethos to new areas. Starting with Shanghai, MINI LIVING will transform the way we live, work and interact in our favorite cities.

From cleverly-designed, fully-serviced apartments to exhibitions curated by A/D/O, co-working spaces, a magazine shop, restaurant, a little cinema, and stunning rooftops to shift perspectives - it’s the total package, all under one roof.

Mini LIVING Shanghai Building front view

At the heart of MINI LIVING is our open-door philosophy. In fact, we even built movable walls into our apartments because we believe in serendipity: weird, wonderful things which tend to happen when you open yourself up to people and places. The open doors of our lobby are a two-way street and the neighborhood is an extension of our lobby, an invitation to go on many journeys. And helping you get there is a fleet of MINIs giving you access to — and far beyond — the city.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be celebrating the launch of MINI LIVING in Shanghai by taking you on a tour of the city through the eyes of locals and essential voices from our community. We’ll explore the district of Jing’An, where we’re transforming Shanghai’s oldest paint factory into a new space for connection.

Come and join the ride.