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We ’re all different, but when people stick together, they can achieve great things. That’s probably the best lesson we have learnt from this past year. Whatever challenges we may have to face in future, we at MINI firmly believe that our strength lies in our history. We have never forgotten that our brand was born of an emergency situation. It was during the Suez Crisis of the late 1950s that people realised for the first time that resources are finite. Our response: a bold design for a better future. A small car was born, combining low fuel consumption and ingenious design. Its legendary go-kart feeling provided the impetus to face any challenge. That positive spirit is something we have kept alive to this day.

Fashion designer Paul Smith was also influenced by a special time in history, when young people from all over the world came together in the Swinging London of the 1960s to celebrate their uniqueness. Smith and his friends drove MINIs in those days. Sir Paul still shares our uncompromising love of timeless design. In a new collaboration, we are working with him on the future of sustainable design. And it has to be stylish, innovative and minimalist – on that, we all agree. The new MINI 3- and 5-door Hatches and the new MINI Convertible are tangible proof that we at MINI focus on the essentials, while remaining true to our roots. We are a brand that brings different people together. This is expressed perfectly by the tagline that will be accompanying us over the coming months: “We’re all different, but we’re pretty good together”.

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