FabBRICK, let's put an end to textile waste!

Minivoices – Recycle – Fabbrick

The credits for the pictures are to FabBRICK® 

As a young architect and conscious of the environmental importance of both construction and fashion industries, Clarisse Merlet aims to reduce textile wastes and to think about new ways of building through a new construction material of her own conception: FabBRICK®.

FabBRICK is the first brick entirely made of recycled textile and comprises promising properties by being insulating, aesthetic and load-bearing. In that regards, FabBRICK can be used in various interior design projects: seats, walls, retail furniture and many more that are yet to be uncovered by Clarisse and her team.

MINI – fabBRICK– Clarisse Merlet – Architect
The credits for the pictures are to Gilles Rolle
Minivoices – Industry Recycle – Fabbrick
The credits for the pictures are to FabBRICK®