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The Year of the Big Love Story.

Celebrating Big Love every day.

Big Love is the optimistic MINI attitude to life — open to all, no driver’s license needed. At MINI we believe that these two little words have the power to inspire a world of positive action. Big Love sees beauty in individuality, and brilliant potential in new perspectives and creative ways of thinking. It’s a powerful inspiration to do better, to create a brighter future for all of us. It connects people and creates a powerful sense of belonging. It’s a celebration of life and love – self-discovery, community upliftment, finding inspiration through the power of diversity – we all have our own Big Love stories to share.

Join us for the year of the Big Love Story.

A Global celebration of Big Love.

This year, Big Love took the stage in Sydney as MINI partnered with WorldPride 2023, the largest LGBTQIA+ event of the year. From the middle of February, we helped transform the city into a vibrant, loud, and proud celebration. We had a blast at the Mardi Gras parade, leading the way with our MINI Pride-mobile, accompanied by rainbow dancers and a Big Love sign. We felt the collective energy and excitement all along the entire parade route, and we were honored to be part of something so uplifting.

For the event, we also created MINI's Map of Big Love, a digital guide highlighting LGBTQIA+-friendly spots in Sydney. Even if you couldn't be there in person, our online platform allowed you to unleash your creativity by creating AI artwork projected as stunning murals in Pride Park. You can check it out here:

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But what is Big Love without Love Stories?

In the months leading up to Sydney WorldPride, MINI Australia asked our global MINI Family to share their own BIG LOVE Story. We received thousands of beautiful stories, with the most inspiring ones joining us in the parade. We also painted a mural to share their BIG LOVE Story with all of Sydney.

And now you can read their stories to get inspired yourself.


A life-changing game of football. 

Kiara’s Big Love Story began at a football club. Despite not being a player herself, she faithfully attended the games week after week, braving the cold to watch the women in action. Among the players, there was one who always caught her attention. Every time the women took the field, this player would slow down, flash a smile, and greet her with a warm "Hi Kiara, how are you?". That smile left a lasting impression on her, so much so that a decade later, while scrolling through a dating app, Kiara immediately recognized that same smiling face. A few exchanged messages, filled with lively conversations late into the night, and a couple of dates marked the beginning of something beautiful. Two years later, they exchanged vows, and shortly after, they welcomed their daughter, Emma, into their loving marriage. Even now, Kiara continues to spend winter weekends cheering her wife on as she plays football. 


The Officer at the Pride. 

Don embraced his identity as an openly gay man when he applied to join the police force in 1999, and he was accepted. Five years later, he had the fortune of meeting Brendon, and in 2007, they celebrated their civil union. Little did Don know at that time that in 2015, he would be proudly participating in the Auckland Pride Parade. Not only did he march in his complete police uniform, but his husband walked alongside him in the crowd, joyfully proclaiming, "There he is, that's my husband" for everyone to hear. The significance of this moment was not lost on Don. And in 2016, they decided to upgrade their commitment to a "real" wedding, with Don's 80-year-old father serving as his best man. "My parents were and continue to be our greatest supporters, cheerleaders, and role models," Don fondly recalls. To further illustrate the depth of their love story, Don was accompanied by his brother, also a member of the rainbow community, at the Sydney Pride event. It is evident that their story is a testament to love in all its forms.   


A mother, her son, and Lady Gaga. 

For Bojoura and her son, a Lady Gaga concert proved to be more than just a celebration of music; it became a revelatory event that would change their lives forever. It happened just one week before her son's 18th birthday, when he danced and sang along to the lyrics "I was born this way," causing Bojoura's heart to melt. “At the concert, there was a diverse mix of people. Seeing him dance, laugh, and truly be himself filled me with an immense sense of pride. I thought to myself, 'That's my child,' and you have a Big Love for your child.”   

A couple of days later, during a bike ride, her son opened up to Bojoura about his group of friends, sharing that they were all gay, including himself. Despite his teenage desire not to make a big deal out of it – as teenagers often do with their parents – Bojoura insisted they stop and hugged him tightly. Since then, Lady Gaga's "Hold my hand" still brings her to tears. 


Honest words change everything. 

Adrián and Javier initially met while working at the same company and quickly formed a strong friendship. As time passed, Adrián found himself falling in love with Javier. However, Javier had previously mentioned that he was heterosexual, which made Adrián believe that a romantic relationship between them was not possible. Despite this, they continued to spend time together after work, bonding over shared interests. But Adrián soon reached a point where he couldn't continue this way. He made the decision to confess his emotions to Javier, not only to find closure for himself but also to create an opportunity to move on. He even prepared a key ring, intending to tell Javier "You've Got a Friend in Me", just like the sentiment expressed in that classic song.  

To both Adrián's and probably Javier’s surprise, this confession led Javier to realize that he, too, had developed similar feelings. It was an unexpected revelation that brought them closer together. Adrián is now incredibly happy that he took the courageous step of expressing his feelings that day, and he is grateful that he allowed Javier the time and space to understand his own emotions. 



When Love wins. 

Sometimes, when you reflect on the magical moment you met someone special, you think, "Of course it had to happen then and there." But you can never predict it beforehand. When Lucas, a single man in his early twenties, found himself invited to a party in Madrid, he had no idea how extraordinary that gathering would turn out to be. Being new in a big city, he experienced a mix of emotions. As a gay man who grew up in a conservative Christian family in the Swedish countryside, he finally had the opportunity to live life on his own terms, free from the disapproval of his family. However, he also harbored fear of the unknown. Yet, he soon realized he wasn't the only one at the party grappling with similar struggles. Burak, born in Turkey and residing in The Netherlands, had also fought to be true to himself.   

At that unforgettable party in Madrid, love struck them at first sight. They laughed and danced endlessly, sensing the potential for something extraordinary in their connection. Burak moved to Madrid for Lucas, and later on, Lucas followed Burak to Amsterdam. "Whatever the future holds, even if it's unforeseeable, I know I want him to be a part of it. Regardless of the challenges we may face," Lucas says. And they’ve never looked back. It has been an incredible journey, with adventures that continue to unfold. 

All these stories highlight a different aspect of Big Love, and you can discover them all here:

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