MINI Insider – the new Convertible MINI Insider – the new Convertible


Fans from around the world introduce their MINI and describe their happiest moments driving with the top down.

The MINI Convertible is one of the world’s bestselling convertibles – and has been for years. But what’s this handsome little racer’s secret? Fans from the Instagram community explain why they adore their open-top MINI.

MINI Insider – the new Convertible
When life gives you lemons ... drive a convertible! The new open-top MINI in the refreshing shade of Zesty Yellow.

Open for (almost) anything.

Much to the delight of the brand’s fans, the first official MINI Convertible was launched in 1993, although tinkerers had played with the idea before that. In 2021, the cult car will be coming on the scene in a sportier, sleeker look. One unbeatable feature won’t have changed, though: the sliding roof function, in which the front part of the soft top recedes up to 40 centimetres.
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – Evi Tamas25
“I live in Budapest and love driving my MINI Convertible around the city. It can take me anywhere I need to go, and I never have trouble finding a parking space. Feeling the wind in my hair as I explore the world is the ultimate freedom for me.”
“My dream car has always been a MINI. I own six different MINI models today, but the convertible is my favourite. I live in Lithuania, where we have a lot of rain, so you won’t see many people in a convertible. That doesn’t bother me, though. Want to know what I love best? Driving with my dog beside me and the top down!”
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – Aureja Aurelie
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – SOLARISPOCKETROCKET MINI Insider – the new Convertible – SOLARISPOCKETROCKET
“I’m one of those people who always has the top down, no matter how cold it is – just as long as it’s not raining. On my birthday in 2016, I drove in a charity race in aid of cancer research with balloons tied to my car. It’s one of my most cherished memories.”
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – MINICHRONICLES
“It all began with a holiday in Hawaii, when I rented a car that turned out to be a MINI Convertible. I couldn’t imagine driving anything else after that. There’s just something so sensual about them. Driving a Convertible, you feel you are right in the middle of things, part of your surroundings, not separate from them. That’s what I love about it.”
“My favourite trip is to a garden centre on the outskirts of Berlin. We usually end up filling the car with flowering plants, but the MINI Convertible is so spacious, we can always fit everything in. Returning to city, it feels like we’re driving a flowerbed through the streets. I love it!”
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – HNNS.VNCNT
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – WILSON RIBEIRO WR
“I have two young nieces, and I recently visited them in my MINI Convertible. They persuaded me to taken them on a picnic. Sitting in the back seat, they kept trying to touch the sky. How precious is that! This car is my place in the sun.”
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – MINI.CHILIRED
“Shady trees, warm rays of sunshine: it’s the feeling of being close to nature that makes driving a convertible a sensual experience. I went 200 kilometres the very first time I drove in an open-top MINI. It’s a trip I’ll never forget.”
“I drove 1200 kilometres from the south of France to Belgium for my classic MINI Convertible. On the way back, I encountered some engine trouble and even had to push-start my little car, but I didn’t mind because: ‘once you go cab you never go back’.”
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – DAMCDP
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – FUCHS.AUFREISEN
“Out of the garage, top down, foot on the accelerator. The feeling of driving a MINI makes every day a perfect day. I’ll never forget exploring Madeira in a convertible on my 30th birthday: manoeuvring it along narrow lanes and steep winding roads. Driving through the clouds and emerging into sunshine – unforgettable!”
“We were travelling in Austria, decided to hire a car and opted for a MINI Convertible. My husband was sceptical at first because he’s over six foot tall, but we fell in love with it. The best thing about our red racer: sunshine and fresh air at the press of a button!”
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – MASHA LAZINA
MINI Insider – the new Convertible – AXIDEE
“The fact that I drive a MINI Convertible says everything about me. It reflects my open heart and open mind. I think convertibles were built to remind us to look up at the blue sky and admire this shining world no matter how much stress we’re under.”