City living is not always a walk in the park. But what if you could keep the best parts of city life, and change the worst? With people rediscovering what they love about their cities and new solutions to address climate change and improve quality of life cropping up across the globe, now is the perfect time to reimagine city life.

Through URBAN-X, the accelerator powered by MINI, we have supported more than 60 emerging Founders tackling some of our most pressing urban challenges and building cities we can all love. Whether it's providing emissions-free transportation through Circuit, giving bicyclists peace of mind with Oonee, creating community using OneRoof, or transforming vintage fashion with Thrilling, we are rethinking cities for the better - for everyone.

MINI was built to challenge the status quo and today continues to design new sustainable mobility solutions for city dwellers. With URBAN-X, MINI is empowering entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers developing more sustainable, vibrant and resilient cities. URBAN-X and MINI: Accelerating the growth of cities we love.

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I love to explore my city, but I hate having to find parking, anywhere. Circuit is an award-winning micro-transit service. Using fleets of all-electric cars, Circuit offers complimentary, on-demand rides around busy downtown areas in more than 20 US cities including cities in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, and Texas. It's an eco-friendly and efficient option that aggregates riders, reduces congestion, enhances mobility, creates local jobs and connects brands with people in a non-traditional and beneficial way. Best of all, Circuit works with innovative municipalities, developments and brands to offer the service at no cost to the rider.


I love to ride my bike in cities but I hate that I am always scared to only find parts of it when I leave my apartment in the morning. Oonee solves this by tackling the lack of biking infrastructure by providing smart, modular, customizable pods that offer secure parking for scooters and bicycles as well as public space amenities to dense cities. Oonee is designed to scale, forming a comprehensive public bicycle parking and service network for urban areas. Oonee provides affordable 24/7 use at each location. Unlike today's conventional bike storage solutions, Oonee is designed to enhance spaces – not hide in them.


I love meeting new people, but I never know where to start. OneRoof is a communication platform that helps people living in the same building form a community and become more resourceful. Using the chat-based app, tenants can talk with each other through direct messaging or in interest groups, create events like clothing swaps or board game nights, and buy/sell/barter items or services with each other, such as dog walking or yoga classes. OneRoof’s objective is to make people feel more connected, supported, and less lonely through community.


I love the thrill of finding unique pieces to add to my closet, but I’m not near any of my favorite vintage shops. Thrilling is the first dedicated e-commerce platform for vintage and secondhand stores, reducing carbon, waste and water footprints. Thrilling is based on three core pillars: 1) helping local store owners expand their business and reach new customers around the world 2) reducing the environmental impact of the apparel industry by encouraging second hand shopping 3) celebrating individuality and personality via fashion.