High-angle image of the MINI Cooper S Limousine.

A Mini Cooper S Limousine. With a whirlpool. Enough said.

We’re used to MINIs turning heads, but very few of our special models shot to the front pages like the MINI Cooper S Limousine, also known as the MINI Cooper S XXL did in 2004. The whirlpool in the back was just one of the crazy things about this extravagant 6.3-metre limousine. Join us for a deep dive into this unforgettable show car.

Photo of the back of the of the MINI Cooper S Limousine, with the whirlpool covered.

The Olympics are a time for records to be broken, so it was only natural that we would present a unique car that would leave press and fans picking their jaws up off the floor. Our base of operations during the Athens Games was the Galea Club, where we put on quite a show by breaking the world record for most people in a MINI, cramming 21 flexible people into the compact car. But that wasn’t the craziest thing people would see that summer.

Enter the MINI Cooper S XXL, a special production show car that had the entire world saying “I don’t believe what I’m seeing!” But it was actually real, and much more than just a stretch limo with a hot tub. A 2004 MINI Cooper S was stretched from its original 3.655-metre length to a whopping 6.3 metres. The car was created by a specialist coach builder in Los Angeles and, to accommodate the extra body length, the MINI XXL was supported by a third rear axle with two additional wheels, giving the MINI Limousine a total of 6 wheels. It also received a John Cooper Works Tuning Kit and a seductively red paint job.

A collage of images of the MINI Cooper S Limousine. These include a photos of the front of the car, the whirlpool in the back, the exhaust and the sill.

The car’s absolute highlight is the whirlpool integrated into its rear section. With space for two bathers, it gave people the perfect opportunity to cool off in the hot Greek summer. Functionality didn’t take a back seat either, as the whirlpool could be easily covered when not in use, and the water could be readily drained by simply pulling out the plug.

But there were also surprises inside the MINI Cooper S XXL. The interior featured a retractable flat-screen TV that also served as a movable partition to the driver's cabin. Because, well, if you’re in a MINI Limousine, even a privacy screen needs to be a bit more exciting than just a wall! And once you’d kicked back and relaxed, you had the option of enjoying some quality entertainment thanks to a built-in DVD player, CD and radio, while a rear phone enabled passengers to communicate with the driver. Of course, no lively limo is complete without a sunroof, which was of course available as well.

High-angle image image of the MINI Cooper S Limousine.
An image of the interior of the MINI Cooper S Limousine.
An image of the back of the MINI Cooper S Limousine.
An image of the interior of the MINI Cooper S Limousine, showing off the seats.
This custom-made car followed up its debut by appearing at further locations until the end of August 2004, following which it went on a tour of Europe and Asia. And one thing’s for sure: anyone who saw it never forgot it.
Two image of the MINI Cooper S Limousine, showing off the front and the badge.
Mini Cooper Spider Kate Moss

The MINI One-Off Series.

Our history is enriched by a long list of one-off cars. Whether they were created for movies, noble causes, or designed by celebrities to show the world the many faces of MINI’s personality, we love them all equally. That is why we wanted to look back at these cars, and share their unique stories.

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