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Twice a year we invest $100,000 per company in up to ten companies per cohort that are working at the forefront of urban innovation. With each cohort, our global community of entrepreneurs and our alumni network continues to grow.

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Over the course of 20 weeks, we will take you from idea to product in an intensive program at our headquarters in New York City. The program exists to impact city life for the better by identifying and mentoring viable solutions and scalable businesses across key business sectors.

Three people have a discussion at Urban X.

These include transportation and mobility, real estate, construction, energy, water, food, waste, government services and environmental health. URBAN-X companies work shoulder-to-shoulder with world-class electrical and mechanical engineers, industrial design talent, user-experience and interface designers.

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We boost your business development with expert help on everything from sales and marketing to logistics and connect you to international customers, investors, and partners.

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We are looking for founders and teams passionate about making our cities more efficient and enjoyable. Does your company tackle a tangible problem in cities through technology and human-centric design? Does it translate into a viable, scalable business? Great!