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Photograph of a young woman is pictured above a silver MINI VISION NEXT 100, side view.



Car sharing is now ingrained in urban mobility consciousness. But what if the shared ownership experience needn’t be at the sacrifice of your own personalised experience? What indeed would the future of urban shared driving look like if we could have it all our own way? MINI's mantra for their MINI VISION NEXT 100 means that the modern city dweller can have all the benefits of sharing a vehicle's space and resources without losing the feeling of the car being "individual to you" - a unique, personalised space that always reflects your driving habits and comforts.
Photograph of a man is pictured above a silver and aqua MINI VISION NEXT 100, front view.
Projected foot controls on the ground beside a MINI VISION NEXT 100 – OPEN DOORS, OPEN BOOT.
MINI has built their heritage on a revolutionary approach to car design and a vision of a different motoring experience. From placing wheels at the very outer corners of the car to maximise handling and feel, or spinning the engine sideways, to maximise room within the vehicle, MINI’s approach has never been limited by what’s gone before. Now the MINI VISION NEXT 100 is dreaming up a new highly individual adventure for the shared user. The “every MINI is my MINI” philosophy brings a custom made feel to the growing trend of car sharing. Not only will surface parts on the exterior perform the ingenious trick of transforming to your personal tastes - even beaming a greeting as you approach it - the reimagined car features a personalising device, affectionately tagged “The Cooperiser”.
MINI VISION NEXT 100 viewed from above with doors open. GO! GOGOGOOOO
The Cooperiser – a translucent circular instrument in the centre of the car – is the beating heart and mind of the MINI VISION NEXT 100. Translating the key drive, communication and entertainment preferences of each new driver via interactive colour changes, simply switch settings and you can change the driving mood from a laid back, relaxed drive style to a more super-charged and sporty vibe. The interactive nature of The Cooperiser means it grows and learns with every user. It will also allow each new user to experience another's preferred driving mode – so you can try out others drive styles, whether they are relatives, friends or temptingly, celebrities and even visionary creatives.
Photograph of a woman is pictured above a MINI VISION NEXT 100 with the sliding door ajar.

Potential pitfalls of shared use will also be dealt with in this future mobile urban landscape. The intuitive interior not only makes instantaneous pedal and steering wheel adjustments to your personal fit but the revolutionary system allows you to hand over to a co-driver seamlessly without stepping out of the car. Shift the wheel to the middle and the car will even drive autonomously. And any thoughts of dealing with a previous driver’s detritus can be dismissed. MINI VISION NEXT 100 will be programmed to autonomously drive to specially designed service hubs where the future-scaped car will be cleansed, refreshed and recharged, ready to pick up it’s next “owner” and supply them with their own specific requirements, settings, modes and greetings.

Be in no doubt, the futuristic drive-time innovations of this revolutionary vehicle are about to take the urban, shared-car experience to a whole new level of personalised experience.