MINI Cooper – reborn in 2001.



At the turn of the nineties the shining light of one small car, one that had been a mainstay of British classics, featured in countless UK made films, driven by rock stars and beloved by the general public, was beginning to dim. The dominance of MINI as a cultural icon and legendary small car was being challenged. Under its last owners, Mini had increased its volume, yet suffered severe quality issues. So, while it remained a beloved brand, it had lost a lot of its valuable image.
 MINI Cooper (R50) on the road.
Mini Cooper Sport  – 'Final Edition'.
Focusing on substance and qualitative excellence, while carefully refreshing its iconic design, Mini relaunched as a premium brand in 2001 by BMW. Needless to say, the arrival of the re-invented MINI - now in capital letters - had quite an impact. While retaining its original spirit, MINI came back anew: as premium yet urban, impressive yet thrillingly playful. The new MINI packed a new revved up and ultra-polished punch to its iconic, classic, go-kart design. By staying true to its legendary roots but completely re-interpreting them in a fresh, modern way for the new millennium, MINI tapped into the zeitgeist once again.
MINI One (R50) and MINI Cooper (R50) on the road – 2001-2003.
Five cars subsequently evolved from the original iconic mini. Each tailored to suit increasingly flexible demands and changing driving habits of our discerning owners. The quintessential 3-door Hatch combines unrivalled go-kart handling and lowered suspension, delivering a uniquely MINI thrill while navigating city streets. The ultra-sociable 5-door Hatch makes bringing friends along for the ride even more inviting. With its rugged 4-wheel drive, The MINI Countryman broadens horizons beyond city limits. The MINI Clubman embodies an iconic, charming and sophisticated style, along with the MINI Convertible, which was made for sun lovers and thrill seekers alike who aren’t afraid of standing out.

And this small car with a big heart isn’t standing still. Modern technology now seamlessly flows from its apps and interior features.
With further developments coming down the pike, this little legend is just beginning its latest journey.

The latest MINI model line-up in an urban environment.

MINI Cooper S 3-door hatch
Official combined fuel consumption:  6.5 - 6.4 l/100 km Official (combined) CO2 emissions: 147 - 145 g/km

MINI Cooper S 5-door hatch
Official combined fuel consumption: 6.6 - 6.5 l/100km Official (combined) CO2 emissions: 150 - 148 g/km

MINI Cooper S Convertible
Official combined fuel consumption: 6.9 - 6.8 l/100km Official (combined) CO2 emissions: 157 - 154 g/km

MINI Cooper S Clubman
Official combined fuel consumption: 6.6 l/100 km Official (combined) CO2 emissions: 151 g/km

MINI Cooper SD Countryman ALL4
Official combined fuel consumption: 4.9 - 4.8 l/100 km Official (combined) CO2 emissions: 130 - 127 g/km