Bright, concentric outlines of a MINI surround a schematic drawing of a MINI.



The classic Mini not only changed the world of automotive and design, but the whole meaning of urban mobility – and made it contemporary. Sir Alec Issigonis thought developed a car that was relevant to the times. It offered reduced fuel consumption and ultra-compact dimensions, yet was spacious enough to accommodate four passengers and their luggage. MINI presents "Don’t Need A title. MINI, inspired by origins." It's a fascinating exhibition that tells the story of one of the world's most important motoring icons. Immerse yourself in the values that make up MINI's DNA, and take an experiential journey through its past, present and future. The exhibition epitomises iconic style, personality and creativity – just like the MINI. The different rooms showcase its unique features, facets and heritage. It is soon clear that you don't need a title, just the name – MINI – to understand the origins of a legend.

The front end of a MINI is visible in front of a display of vintage MINI advertising, accompanied by video screens.


MINI has worked to overcome urban challenges with intelligence and creativity since day one. Whether it’s designing around fuel shortages or to meet regulatory restrictions, MINI always finds clever answers to contemporary questions. The CREATIVE SOLUTIONS area highlights the relationship between MINI and urban needs – showcasing our space-saving solutions and design accents made to brighten urban lives.
A white vintage MINI parked in front of a black light poster of its inner workings.
Gold racing glasses with a built-in camera are displayed in a glass case.


MINI stands for design competence. It is synonymous for stylish cars, stand-alone character and contemporary yet timeless design. From reinventing our own design icon to collaborating with industry leaders, design is the bond and bridge for everything we do. The MINI IN DESIGN area places MINI in a greater design context by showcasing our creative approaches and innovations.

Black schematic drawing of a MINI on white paper, framed by a drafting tool.


MINI has always been more than a car. It's a mover. It's understood, captured and driven the zeitgeist for decades. True trailblazers always exhibit irreverent attitudes. MINI's bold defiance still attracts creative personalities who become fervent ambassadors. PERSONALITIES looks at the many cultural icons – like the Beatles and Mary Quant – who've embodied the brand, and are still accompanying us on our journey.

A vintage MINI painted with vertical rainbow stripes is parked beside a life-size photo standee of Raffaella Carrá in a miniskirt getting into a yellow classic MINI.


Made by makers. Made for makers. Creating a MINI is a labour of love – from the collaborative spirit of the design studio to the craftsmanship and care in assembly. The attention to detail is intense. MAKERS delves into the minds of people behind the production and gets you up closer to their ideas, their passion and where they find inspiration.
Colour photo of MINI head designer, Oliver Heilmer, is in the foreground on an exhibition wall. A sepia-tone photo of and quote from John Cooper is visible in the background.
Concentric white and red hearts on the roof of a white MINI.


Special editions and today's personalisation options offer countless possibilities for self-expression and an enormous range of combinations on the market. We encourage our customers to express their own personal style with their MINI. The PERSONALISATION area is about making MINI your own. And things will only become more unique in the future.
Sleek, futuristic, MINI Vision Next 100 model prototype in blue silver.