Pitti Uomo 92 - 2017


BEYOND NATIVE Capsule Collection: The Products.

Traditional Yoruban dyeing is placed in a new context. London city life is meshed with the Brazilian countryside. Different cultural layers within a single personality give birth to striking modern designs with an eye on tradition. The BEYOND NATIVE Capsule Collection is an intercultural eclectic mix of products for the urban traveller.
MINI FASHION presents the results of its collaboration with up-and-coming international designers for this collection full of cultural complexity and richness. Each piece is a personal expression of a lifetime of exploring, absorbing, and translating the world through the prism of heritage, design and fashion.
The MINI FASHION - BEYOND NATIVE Capsule Collection is available at www.yoox.com


Combine the energy of Brazilian nonchalance with smart London city chic and advanced craftsmanship and you get an exciting, modern interpretation of a classic derby. Diego’s masterpiece is airy yet sturdy, both edgy and elegant, with its laser-cut upper made of smooth cowhide leather and a vulcanised sole that merges rubber and textile in an innovative and stunning way. A perfect companion for the urban traveller. Impossible to categorize or pigeonhole, these shoes perhaps require a new category all their own.
Products for the urban traveller.


It is said there is nothing new under the sun. If this premise is true, a powerful creative mind can still dream up something completely new by drawing from all that already is. Thus, PROUNOUNCE's contribution to the collection: An oversized, genderless hoodie that is for them the perfect travel companion. A collage of reversed cotton jersey, denim and silk pays homage to multiculturalism, the past and the future. An asymmetrical front pocket and hood with drawstring add an urban, modern tone to an all-time classic. And behold, there is something new under the sun.
Beyond Native Collection.


Life began in Africa, and the BEYOND NATIVE collection wouldn't be complete without a piece paying tribute to some of the world's oldest textile traditions. A lavish scarf, handprinted in Nigeria and sewn into a beautiful, lightweight travel companion in the USA. Yoruban dyeing is deeply rooted in ancient southwestern Africa. Replace the traditional cotton fabric with luxurious silk and the result is a contemporary tribute to cultural heritage. The original Nigerian pattern is rendered on a sumptuous fabric, and the juxtaposition is simply stunning.
International fashion.


Traditional Japanese themes are intermingled with western touches in Hörl’s imaginative translation of fashion. Her interpretation of the perfect piece for an urban traveller? Indigo coloured linen. Sumi coating. Detachable pocket. Kimono closure. Trenchcoat details. Loden, meet Haori. West, meet East. Tradition, honour tradition. Altogether, forging a new genus to celebrate the global connections that transcend geographic barriers.
Designs inspired by heritage.


Few things are more traditional than handcrafted leather. In so many cultures, the simple beauty of sumptuous leather goods have been and always will be a source of pride. Marry that heritage with coral red parachute fabric and discover a fresh take on the classic travel pouch. Add a knotted black and white fisherman’s rope and the everyday companion is instantly as practical as it is beautiful—in- and outside the city.
Paying tribute to cultural heritage.