Pitti Uomo 92 - 2017

MINI FASHION's BEYOND NATIVE Capsule Collection at Pitti Uomo 92 MINI FASHION's BEYOND NATIVE Capsule Collection at Pitti Uomo 92



For its latest capsule collection, MINI FASHION invited five international designers to celebrate the coincidence of cultures. Presented at Pitti Uomo 92, the result is a truly global mix of products.
Visitors to Pitti Uomo 92 in Florence were met with a bold combination of garments and accessories. Presented at the prestigious men’s fashion event, the MINI FASHION – BEYOND NATIVE Capsule Collection showcased up-and-coming designers from around the world and a ‘cultural melange’ of fashion items. Under the bright Italian sun, the visitors interacted and tried on the garments, allowing them to slip into the role of the urban traveller and experience a mix of influences from Brazil, China, Nigeria, Austria, Japan and beyond.
Designers Johanna Perret and Niyi Okuboyejo in conversation.
MINI FASHION and BEYOND NATIVE designers enjoying the sunshine and creative energy at Pitti Uomo 92.
The designers selected by MINI FASHION to create the BEYOND NATIVE Capsule Collection all share a common characteristic in that they are all now living and working in a different place from where they were born. Originally from Brazil, London-based designer Diego Vanassibara created a pair of British derbies with Brazilian lightness. Merging east and west, Chinese designers Yushan Li and Jun Zhou of the Milanese fashion label PRONOUNCE designed a hoodie in black and white. New York’s Post Imperial tapped into their Nigerian roots to design a colourful scarf featuring patterns based both on Yoruban traditions and “a strong sense of optimism for the future”. Austrian-born resident of Japan Edwina Hörl designed an all-weather navy blue coat that intermingles the structure of her home country with Asian themes. And the two designers of Perret Schaad, themselves from Vietnam and Germany, debuted a handcrafted, yet modern portable pouch donning two bright hues.
Attendees at Pitti Uomo 92 enjoying the music, the exhibits, and the different cultural influences.
For its latest collection, MINI FASHION presented each of five designers with the challenge of creating an individual piece that expresses their own unique cultural histories. Inspired by wanderlust and focused on today’s urban traveller, MINI FASHION chose the international set of designers based on the ways they have chosen to work with the combination of their cultural backgrounds and their newfound homes. Each creative has incorporated their own unique transcultural perspective into the collection’s designs, resulting in a widely varied line that still maintains its cohesive theme. As Sabine Ringel, Creative Lead at MINI FASHION, explained, “the richness and depth of the work produced by these nomads only exist because of their decision to cross borders. We wanted to translate this into products for today's urban traveller—inspired by the city, MINI's native habitat”.
Experiencing different cultures affects an individual’s concept of home. When asked whether home is where you’re born or something that is developed later in life, Diego Vanassibara said, “I tend to think of home as wherever I am perfectly comfortable. Therefore, when I am in London I feel at home—but I also feel perfectly at home here, where I am surrounded by so many great people.” Edwina Hörl echoed this sentiment and even went so far as to reminisce on her lifelong desire to “flee” her Austrian town at a young age. “I live in a big city near Tokyo now. People often think that living in a metropolis will be tough or difficult, but it’s actually peaceful and easy.”
Yushan Li, Diego Vanassibara, Johanna Perret, Niyi Okuboyejo and Edwina Hörl