Salone del Mobile Event 2017

'Breathe' installation by 'SO – IL and MINI LIVING – relaxation space from above


SO – IL’s installation subtly amplifies our awareness of our environment.

Normal is something else. MINI LIVING surprises with an expressive shape and unusual materials in its installation 'Breathe'. A building without a solid shell? For the architectural firm SO – IL, this is not a contradiction, but a challenge. The project for Salone del Mobile 2017 doesn't use brick, wood or concrete. SO – IL has designed a structure with steel scaffolding elements spanned by a robust, yet flexible and permeable fabric. The fabric protects against the elements and serves as a filter for air and light. It also defines the interiors and the structure’s different levels. A public garden adorns the roof and a rainwater collection system makes the entire installation largely self-sufficient.
'Breathe' installation  light-permeable textile walls
'Breathe' installation at Salone Del Mobile – the house as an active ecosystem
'Breathe' at Salone Del Mobile at night time
'Breathe' at Salone Del Mobile – a bright, creative use of space