FIELD NOTES Capsule Collection

Women wears MINI turtle neck pullover under a striped overall by PH5.



Sabine Ringel, Creative Lead of MINI FASHION, talks about collaboration with The Woolmark Company, the new capsule collection and the brand’s future.

For some people, it might still be surprising that MINI, the well-known carmaker, is also involved in the field of fashion. Can you explain the motives behind this?


That’s easy to explain: First of all, as a progressive and expressive brand, MINI has always had a strong connection to the fashion world and has inspired and fascinated trendsetters. Just think of Mary Quant, who named her famous short skirt, the mini skirt, after her favourite car! And then, fashion is all about design – and iconic design is part of the MINI DNA. Last but not least, MINI has always been much more than just a car brand. Driving a MINI is a statement, an expression of one’s personality – just like fashion! So, to us, MINI FASHION is actually a natural extension of our brand.

Is there a common thread to MINI’s view on fashion?


Absolutely! MINI’s view on fashion is optimistic, bold and open minded. MINI has always dared to be brave, to express ideas and emotions. So naturally, MINI FASHION is also all about challenging conventions and the status quo, transcending various borders – if that’s borders between genders, cultures, perspectives or simply physical borders.

Man, in front of a white brick wall wears a hat by Rike Feuerstein.
Man wears a grey coat by Liam Hodges while standing on a roof top.

You seem to prefer collaborating with up-and-coming international designers. How come?


Collaborating with young design talents is a way to bring together different perspectives, ideas and inspiration in order to create something fresh and exciting. Even though we have a clear stance and view on design and fashion, the collaborations allow us to explore different facets of our approach and discover new directions. It’s very enriching and inspiring for us and hopefully also for the designers we work with.

How did the collaboration with The Woolmark Company materialise?


We share a common interest in design, quality and innovation with The Woolmark Company. Our shared values and beliefs are the basis of an outstanding collaboration. It allows us to combine forces in order to create exciting fashion projects together, especially as the support of young fashion talents is something we both pursue. As you probably know, along with being a global leader in raising the awareness for Merino wool, The Woolmark Company also presents the International Woolmark Prize, the world’s most prestigious award for rising fashion stars. With the launch of our first capsule collection together at Pitti Uomo 94 along with designers most of whom are alumni of this prize, we are able to give promising young designers a platform and bring exciting new products made of wool to our audience.

Man, on a silver bike wears a green coat by Staffonly.
A woman, leaning on a yellow wall wears a MINI turtle neck pullover and a striped overall by PH5.

What is the concept behind the FIELD NOTES collection?


It stems from MINI FASHION’s core theme of “transcending borders” while travelling – the most transformational moment of any journey. Travelling to us is more than just crossing physical borders or the transition from A to B – it’s about the experiences we have when we travel and blurring the lines between feeling, cultures and perspectives. We asked the participating designers to translate their very own travel experiences, stories and impressions picked up along the way (“field notes”) into fashion pieces that meet the demands of today’s urban travellers, via the versatility and comfort of wool.

Can you tell us what the next steps are for MINI FASHION?


MINI FASHION will be unveiling more surprising projects, partners and products in the near future. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media channels in order to find out more about what’s coming next from MINI FASHION!

Two women are standing in a train station, while one of them is wearing a green hat by Rike Feuerstein.