Salone del Mobile 2018




Almost half a million visitors attended Salone del Mobile 2018 – a forum for ideas, creativity, technology, innovation and culture that illustrates new modes of home living. Designers, manufacturers, students, teachers, politicians, emerging talents and other citizens of the universe came together at this global trend showcase spanning over 150,000 m2. Here's what Geraldine from littlebigbell had to say about MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL.
Wide-angle view of the various living spaces in the MINI LIVING – BUILT FOR ALL installation
What I found most striking about this year’s BUILT BY ALL is MINI LIVING’s attempt to tackle urbanisation and shortage of housing.
After visiting the installation by MINI LIVING, I am starting to visualise how living in shared spaces affords the opportunity to socialise within an environment of similar interests.
Three wooden and metal stools in front of a wooden and metal counter space for working and living, hanging plants are visible overhead.
Little, pink sewing room with a bicycle seat stool
There is huge potential to collaborate and bring novel ideas between like minded individuals to fruition.
I think this whole idea of co-living being embraced by MINI LIVING is incredibly forward thinking.
Minimal study in green with books, reading nook and light
Blue shelving and storage units with vinyl records, a speaker, headphones, CDs and storage boxes
I really loved the blue living unit – a space created for a music lover. It’s wonderful to see how storage can be customised to an individual’s needs within such a small living area.
I was impressed with this cool soundproof room. It truly reflects current Millennials within a digital age. I can definitely see my son spending a lot of time there, recording for his YouTube channel.
Blue soundproofing foam lines a tiny recording studio with a microphone and vinyl turntable.
MINI's FACTORY OF IDEAS with a wall shelf of black frames, colourful panels and building blocks
The FACTORY OF IDEAS by MINI LIVING room, where visitors become an architect for the day, creating their own urban living space in the form of a personalised Totem was one of my favourite parts of the installation.
Here’s my colourful creation. I’ve thought through the spaces that would be most important to me, and they are a workspace for blogging and prop storage, an area for product photography and my bedroom for chilling after a long day at work.
Colourful, clear building blocks inside a black frame with several coloured panels as a backdrop
Minimal bedroom in yellow with loft bed as well as wardrobe and desk space underneath
After following the project of MINI LIVING these last 2 years, I’m so excited to hear that the concept may soon turn to a habitable reality in Shanghai.
I’m excited to see which aspects of the previous concepts get used in the Shanghai construction, and whether there will also be new surprises.
Colourful exercise equipment including weights and large rubber balls are displayed in front of a black and white panel with building block symbols